10 Ideas on How to Look Expensive on a Budget

10 Ideas on How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Wear Black

Black is neutral, it goes with everything (Yes, even brown.) Black is a great solid color that works with many other colors and patterns. When we think black we think Coco Channel.

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect harmony.”

Wearing black is one of the easiest ways to look expensive on a budget. Neutrals will never go out of style and are much easier to work with compared to bold patterns and colors.

Be Conservative

This doesn’t mean you won’t look sexy when you are going for expensive and classy. When going for sexy we may show more skin, but if we want to go for expensive and classy we definitely want to cover up a  bit more. That means if you are going to be wearing a mini skirt or a dress/skirt with a high slit wear a conservative top. If you are going to be showing the girls up top a bit more, wear long pants or a long skirt.

Remember – Don’t be over-exposed.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Dry clean delicate fabrics and/or always iron clothes before wearing them if they need to be. Read the directions included with the garment. Reminder: Air Drying is best.

The more you wash an item the fast the item will lose its quality.

Know what needs to be dry cleaned always; velvets, silks, wools. Cotton and Cashmere can be washed at home by hand or on a delicate cycle. Again – Air Dry.

If your clothes aren’t kept up in good quality, you will never look expensive or wealthy.

Wear shoes that are in good condition.

Your outfit is perfect, statement jewelry is right, colors are on point, the purse is fabulous, but if your shoes are worn out, scuffed with marks, peeled bottoms, it will ruin the entire outfit.

Shoe protectants and shoe bottom protectors are incredibly affordable and have been lifesavers for me. Just taking a few extra steps to take care of your shoes before wearing them can keep them looking new.

When picking jewelry pick one statement piece.

Statement necklaces are a great addition to a neutral or black blouse, turtleneck, simple t-shirt. Just remember if you are wearing a statement necklace, make sure the rest of your other jewelry pieces are minimal.

The purpose of a statement necklace or statement piece is just that – to make a statement. If your jewelry pieces look too busy or if you overdo it your outfit will not come off as chic and classy as you want it to be. Pick one piece for the outfit and stick to it.

EXAMPLE: Statement pieces

Take Care of your Nails

Either take care of your nails on your own keeping them short and clean or go to an inexpensive nail salon and get manicures.

French tips are essential and the perfect look.

If you are really on a budget, invest in a few inexpensive tools from CVS and learn to clean your nails and trim cuticles to save.

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Do not skip on out on quality Items

While out shopping, even if you're limited on funds do not buy items because they are on sale or “cheap.” Learning this the hard way myself, many of these cheap items fall apart much quicker. They won’t last long and sometimes even after one wash they fall apart.


Buy one piece at a time

If you are spending on a budget you want to buy the best quality items you can afford. This way instead of buying a bunch of different items for a cheap price that is not the best quality, you can buy one or two quality pieces a month and build your wardrobe that way.

Quality over quantity always wins!


Have at least one great blazer.

A nice sharp blazer can make or break any outfit. I recommend having at least one. Pair with neutral colors, long pants, and a statement necklace with shoes that match a fabulous purse, and voila!

Lastly, be confident.
Hold your head high, walk into a room with your eyes up, sweet smile, and own your YOU. Being confident is nothing more than a belief in yourself. Be certain that whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish it. Look the part, perfect your posture, and smile.



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