5 Basics to Have in Wardrobe

5 Basics to Have in Wardrobe

Wardrobe Basics are fundamentals in our closet, they are the neutrals, the statement pieces, the comfortable outfit we can put together in a pinch. That real fact is that truly the majority of what we wear are basics and these pieces rarely tend to go out of style, so we can keep them forever.


We are starting this blog post out with a bang with this piece. No explanation is needed as to why the little black dress is on this list. We recommend having AT LEAST one in your closet. The most flattering and classy one you can find will work best. Simple, classy, not too short, not too busty.
Do not rush when picking the perfect LBD, make sure you buy one that you feel comfortable in, confident in, something that fits you and your body shape like a glove.

Dolce & Gabana - Click Picture for Link

Bodysuits & Blouses

Bodysuits are definitely hero pieces as in, they are not the statement piece of an outfit rather they make sure everything is looking really streamlined and tucked-in. A regular T-shirt can bunch or roll when you sit.

Everyone has different styles when it comes to blouses. Some people like front pockets others may not. No matter what color you decide to keep in your closet whether it’s white, black, and/or nude; these are colors that everybody needs in their wardrobe. Stripes can also be fun here.

Givenchy Blouse- Click picture for Link

Versace - Click picture for Link

 Ribbed & Silk Camis

Quality camis are great for layering but can also be worn them as standalone pieces. There is a cami for everyone and paired with a simple pair of black jeans or a pencil skirt, you need to have this staple in your closet.

Saint Laurent - Click picture for Link


The black skinny is what you wear when you don’t know what to wear. Pair it with a neutral top, pick a statement necklace out, the perfect shoes and the purse to tie the entire outfit together.

Rag and Bone - Click picture for Link


The pencil skirt has been a staple in many women’s work wardrobe for many years now. Pencil skirts, today are so versatile they complement a whole range of aesthetics. This style of skirt wasn’t as sleek as they are now when they first hit the scene. The origin of the look seems to have been in born 1908, when Edith Berg tied a rope around the bottom of her skirt to hold it in place while riding Wilbur and Orville Wright's airplane. 

Valentino - Click picture for Link

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